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About Us

We are a husband and wife team and parents to two little ones. 

When we became parents for the first time our absolute favourite present was a thoughtful and beautiful gift box just like the ones we have created here. It was from a friend who had collected all the items she had found really helpful when her baby was brand new. Not only was the gift amazingly thoughtful but with each item also came a nugget of parental wisdom that we found extremely comforting to be in possession of and which we relied upon many times in our baby's first few months and beyond. That box inspired our business.

Buying gifts for parents of new babies can be tricky. Countless people have told us they struggle to find that ‘perfect’ present - the one that feels like a gift but expresses thoughtfulness, compassion and care too. Something that’s a joyous pleasure to receive but which will be extremely useful and reassuring in those parenting hours of need. Something that brings a smile but also gives a helping hand. That’s why we’ve created Gerrard & Grace. Our gift boxes provide expectant and new parents with things they’ll love but also things that will support them through those early weeks and months.

Each item in our boxes is beautifully practical and often has a multitude of uses. Every box is accompanied with an explanation letter so new parents know how each product can help them on their parenting journey.

Every Gerrard & Grace box is lovingly hand-packed and comes gift ready either with a handwritten gift tag or one left blank for your own message. This means they are perfect to take to a baby shower or can be sent to the recipient directly.