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We're hoping three is the magic number

Bradley Gerrard

It took us a while to decide whether we should take the plunge but we’ve finally welcomed a third new member into our family. With two daughters already there were certainly reservations about our ability to cope and our flat’s ability to contain all their things.

But we’ve gone for it and it’s been a pretty eye-opening week. Their arrival has been well received by family and friends and while they’re in their infancy on social media the reception has been extremely warm.

Now I know what you’re thinking - why on earth does a week-old need a social media presence all of their own? Well, this new arrival isn’t actually a baby but a business.

My wife and I have taken the plunge and launched an online gift business aimed at parents-to-be and parents of new babies. We’ve had the idea for some time and have slowly chipped away at the mammoth number of things that need to be done which never even occurred to us when the embryo of the idea was first planted in our brains.

Just like a baby, the business has demands which need to be met and we’re learning to find our way in satiating its appetite while caring for our two girls, my full-time job and the momentary snippets of free time my wife has as a full-time mum.

We’re also getting used to the division of labour: who should feed it (update Instagram); who should tuck it up in bed (pack the boxes which have been ordered that day); and who should take it for a walk (deliver the orders to the Post Office)?

Not only that, but our living room is quite literally bursting at the seams with our third arrival’s toys (read stock!) taking up all the space on our shelves and the mammoth-sized printer we hadn’t read the dimensions of before buying has gulped up nearly all the space underneath our desk. Honestly, I’ve never seen a home printer quite so big - it’s sheer mega-ness makes it look like it has the ability to transport objects through time or hack the CIA all of its own accord.

As with an actual child, we’ve got hopes and dreams for our new arrival and, also like a son or daughter, their development into a well-rounded individual benefits from the love and support of many. We love our new ‘baby’ and hopefully having two actual children will help us deal with the demands of our new family member.

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