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We are beyond excited at Gerrard & Grace to bring you a brand new #payparenthoodforward! We couldn't think of a nicer way to start up again than with our lovely Insta-friend Susie from @totterandtumble who has been hanging out with us on these squares since the beginning and whose incredible playmats have taken Instagram by storm!

Hello! I am Susie, founder of Totter + Tumble. With a wonderful decade of primary teaching under my belt and two little ones under my feet, I became too frustrated with the impractical and garish jigsaw playmats, so decided to do something about it. Luckily my husband Giles has been a steadfast support and hasn't been phased at all by any of this!
The little ones I refer to are our eldest Ellie (4) and her adoring, and adored, little brother Albie (2). It was when Albie was trying desperately to sit up as a baby that we needed a playmat that was both practical and stylish, but that could catch his tumbles whilst my toddler tottered about.

LOVE: I love that through the chaos and upheaval of parenting, how grounding and calming you feel in your core, in your heart. And I adore those fleeting expressions when your eyes meet during play, a bedtime cuddle or show they’re performing, the ones just for your parents, that you now get from your own little ones which is the most special, secret and unspoken language just between you.
LOATHE: Bedtime. I know it is unusual and I wish I had the warm fuzzy feeling everyone else does, but the monotony gets to me, and knowing how long it takes fills me with internalised dread. It is probably the teacher in me but luckily I love a bedtime story, which is the saving grace.
#PAYPARENTHOODFORWARD TIP: If you have a partner to support: A week in bed, and a week on the sofa to really recover after giving birth – adrenaline hides a lot and tends to wear off just as everyone goes back to work or back to their own lives.

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