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Abigail Gerrard

So for this #payparenthoodforward we were lucky enough to feature the creative duo behind Luna Creates (, the wonderful Lucy Chalmers and Gina Manns, as well as the UK Blog Award 2018 nominated blogger Claire Ferguson aka Cailyn's Mummy ( The Luna creates team share the benefits of lavender oil and white noise in their tips, while Claire gives her tip on how to always be prepared, which was passed down to her from her own mother. 

Lucy and Gina 

We are very excited to take part in #payparenthoodforward for the amazing Gerrard & Grace.

Our names are Lucy & Gina, we are good friends who share a passion for creativity and design.

We are both working mums and are very proud that we have set up our new business Luna Creates Ltd, check out our website:  We pride ourselves on producing high quality gifts that people are proud to display in their homes.

Between us we have three girls aged 1, 2 & 3 with a new baby girl due in February.

Setting up a new business whilst working and looking after little ones has been challenging and so rewarding. We believe if you dream big you never know what might just happen! 


Lucy - both my girls are very cheeky, they get up to all sorts of mischief and they make me laugh every single day :)

Gina - I don't think there is anything like the love you feel when you look in on your child sleeping at night, looking all beautiful and innocent and perfect. I look forward to that every day!




Lucy - Lack of sleep!!! I’ve not had a full nights sleep for three years now, it’s so tough to function in the day. I’ve become a fan of posh coffee! 

Gina - I have to agree with Lucy, nothing could have ever prepared me for how little sleep you get once you're a parent. My daughter is now three and we've still not cracked it :/


Lucy - top tip for after birth that a midwife told me about: lavender oil mixed with cup of milk in a hot bath is amazing for mums recovery (sounds crazy but milk helps oil mix into water). Gerrard & Grace have a lovely lavender oil in their baby gifts. Second tip - have a bag which stays in the car full of spare clothes and snacks. It’s makes getting out of the house so much easier when all you need to remember is wipes, nappies & money!

Gina - Our daughter Charley really struggled to get off to sleep when she was a baby and a white noise machine worked wonders with her. Something that played similar sounds to the womb just helped her to switch off and fall asleep.

Most important advice from both of us is to enjoy every cuddle and precious moment no matter how sleep deprived you are, as they grow up so fast!


Need a white noise machine in you life?  Clockwise from top left: Serenity Star by Aden + Anais, Ewan the Dream Sheep by Sweet Dreamers, Ollie the Owl  and the Gro Hush by The Gro Company, 




Hello I’m Claire - Cailyn’s Mummy 
I am a parenting blogger and I run Cailyn’s Mummy Club which is events for parents all over to have fun and connect with brands.
We live in Scotland and we love to travel. My daughter Cailyn is 1 on the 15th December and she is our only child.
LOVE: I love making sensory baths for her and being able to teach her while also having fun.
LOATHE: I loath her sticky paws. she always finds a way of getting me covered in things before I’m due to leave the house. Although she is cute.
#PAYPARENTHOODFORWARD TIP: goes to my wonderful Mum Carole. She always said to keep a cloth handy and so I do, everywhere I go I have a Muslin cloth for that “just incase” moment. 

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