We have an awful lot of catching up to do! So without delay, this #payparenthoodforward is all about food. In this post we have the very fabulous blogger Lisa Fraser (find her here @diary_of_dylan) giving a top tip to avoid the feared toddler tantrum, alongside close friend and all round wonderful woman, Ellen James with her top tip for fussy eaters. 

Hello! I’m Lisa and I’m a first time Mum to my beautiful but sleep evading son Dylan who is 1. We live in Scotland, just outside of Edinburgh with my husband. Alongside my blog and motherhood I work part time as a nurse. 

LOVE - I love the giggles. Dylan can have had an absolute meltdown but when he does a little giggle my heart melts and all is right with the world again. 
LOATHE - You probably guessed from my introduction but lack of sleep! I loathe the lack of energy and sluggishness it brings. He’s lucky he’s cute and hopefully one day he’ll bless me with a full nights sleep! #PAYPARENTHOODFORWARD TIP - My friend who is a mum of 3 said to me “never say never” and she was totally right. Before giving birth I said I would never use a dummy, never use formula, never co-sleep. Ha! You do what you need to do and don’t need to put that extra pressure on yourself. 
A more practical tip I’ve found along the way is to always carry snacks. It has saved me from many a tantrum. I always make sure I’ve got rice crackers in my bag so if we get unexpectedly caught in traffic there is something for Dylan to eat. Or recently when he’s been teething and fed up of the traditional teething toys he likes to chew down on a rice cracker. Using a plastic clip to reseal the packet makes sure they stay fresh too! 


Hi, I'm Ellen and I'm a Clinical Research Manager. 

My wife and I have 2 daughters who are 3 years old and 1.

LOVE: I love being able to be silly and be a kid again. And doing crafts and painting.

LOATHE: I loathe arguments with a toddler - they have no sense of reason or logic.

#PAYPARENTHOODFORWARD: My tip is getting my toddler to try new foods by making them into attractive or funny shapes. I was really worried about getting her to eat 2 meals a day with me when we took her out of nursery and I got that tip from a library book.

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