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Abigail Gerrard

 So this is our very first #payparenthoodforward feature on our blog. The format is simple. Parents share a ‘Love’ and ‘Loathe’ of parenting and a #payparenthoodforward tip.

It’s Brad and Jenny’s turn this week on #payparenthood forward. Brad is co-founder of Gerrard & Grace and shares a useful tip give to him by his mother in law. Jenny is a London mama who shares trick to cut down on the washing.

Hi, I’m Brad, co-founder of Gerrard & Grace, finance journalist and fledgling blogger for @thefmlyman. I live in London with my wife Abi and our two girls, one non-stop nearly three-year-old and a six-month-old.

Love: I love it when you do or say something completely random which elicits those unbridled belly laughs of pure joy.

Loathe: I have to admit I found the unpredictability of nighttimes extremely difficult with our first daughter - simply not knowing how much sleep you are going to get did stress me out.

My #payparenthoodforward tip: My mother-in-law gave me a brilliant piece of advice about how to hold our newborn in the bath. One arm goes round the top of their back, supports their head and holds onto the far arm while the other goes under the bottom of their back and holds onto the far thigh. This way they are secure and can’t roll over! As modelled brilliantly by Baby Annabelle below!

Now over to Jenny!

I’m Jenny and a full-time mother to my wonderful two-year-old daughter, Beth. I live in London with my husband, Tom.

Love: The smile I get from Beth when I go into her bedroom in the morning - the best start to any day!

Loathe: I really struggled knowing what to dress Beth in when she was little. I was always so worried that she was either too hot or too cold.

Jenny found this useful image from The Gro Company that really helped:

My #payparenthoodforward tip: Before I went on maternity leave a colleague gave me a great tip for reducing the amount of washing inevitably created by a newborn: wrap a muslin around the top part of the mattress in your cot or Moses basket. Therefore, if your baby is sick, you only need to change the muslin and not wash the entire sheet. Beth had bad reflux as a baby so this really helped me.


Do you have a great tip? Want to feature. Drop us a line, we would love to hear from you!

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