Our aim at Gerrard & Grace, besides creating beautiful and practical gift boxes, is to pass on tips and ideas from one set of parents to another. However, we are not parenting experts and we wouldn’t want to profess as such. We want to share everyone’s ideas, practical and helpful tips and parenting knowledge.

There’s so much parenting advice out there which can be a complete minefield to navigate. The best ideas and parenting tips in our experience come from other more seasoned parents. Many parents will have benefitted from practical tips or advice given to them by friends and family based on those people’s own experiences.

Instead of paying back those that have helped us we believe on paying that help forward to others that might find it useful. This is why alongside our boxes we want to create a space for people to share these parenting nuggets of wisdom.

Every week on our Instagram page we will be hosting other mums and dads who have some parenting knowledge they would like to pass on as part of our #payparenthoodforward feature. Please follow us there to see what they have to say.

However, if you are not on instagram then do not fear! We will also be featuring #payparenthoodforward tips on our blog on a fortnightly basis.  So check in and see what there is to be learnt. You never know, that perfect parenting tip that makes all the difference may be waiting to be discovered!

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