Parenthood: A Daunting Prospect

When you first see those two lines on the pregnancy test you feel a seismic shift. You know that life as you know it is going to change but exactly what that change entails is still a mystery. Will I make a good parent? How will I know what to do? Is the sleep thing as bad as everyone says? Will I still be able to go to the pub? Questions, questions.

Shortly after you announce your good news you find that everyone has some advice for you. People love to tell a birth horror story, or tell you how they never got out of their pyjamas before 1pm, or how you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. Then there are the “while you can” statements: “Sleep while you can!”; “Enjoy it while you can!”; “Do it while you can!” Unfortunately, none of this is particularly reassuring.

It’s obviously not anyone's intention to add to your anxiety. A bit of tough love never did anyone any harm and most people are unaware that they are the tenth person to say it to you!

However, in our experience the very best advice for any couple expecting a baby is that of the practical kind. Things that help, things that don’t, tips of the trade so to speak. This arms parents with some knowledge of what to do if a nappy rash emergency arises or if their newborn looks as if they are shedding their entire skin or how to bath them safely. This type of advice or support is infinitely more reassuring than the “while you can” kind.

So if you want to know what to expect when you make that leap into parenthood speak to those you trust with babies of their own and ask for their practical advice.  

And if you are a friend or a relative of a couple expecting a baby and you want to give them something that will provide them with practical help in those early days of parenthood then look no further than one of our beautiful gift boxes. Not only will a Gerrard & Grace gift box be a wonderful present but it will also provide loads of practical parenting tips. Your thoughtfulness will be very welcome, we're sure of it!

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