The Gerrard & Grace Christmas Edit

So with just a week (give or take a day or two) left until many small businesses' last shipping day (19th/20th December to guarantee delivery before the day) we wanted to offer up our very own Christmas edit.

At Gerrard & Grace we are all about creating super thoughtful yet practical gift boxes. We think our boxes would make the perfect Christmas present for any parent-to-be or new baby this Christmas. However, we love thoughtful gift boxes no matter who they are for. That's why we have created a Christmas edit for just that - making thoughtful gift boxes for loved ones of all ages. What's more we have made sure all the items are from small businesses so you will not only be making the recipients happy but the sellers too!

Some of these gift ideas come ready-boxed and even gift wrapped (result!). For the others all that's required to make up these boxes is a box (obvs) which can be bought from many stationary stores or up-cycled using a gift box/shoe box/delivery box crimbo’d up with some wrapping paper, some shredded tissue (which you can make yourself with scissors or buy) and some ribbon or twine. Happy gift box making and giving!

Parent-to-be or New Baby

A Gerrard & Grace Be Practical Baby Box makes for the perfect Christmas present for anybody expecting a baby in the coming months or for a newborn. What’s more it's wonderfully cost effective when given to a couple and as it comes with loads of helpful parenting tips, it’s also a very thoughtful gift to boot. £43 with free postage and  Christmas gift wrapping (for an extra 10% off sign up to the newsletter)


Baby under 1

Why not create a gorgeous Christmas gift box for an older baby by combining a teething ring from Little Teethers (we particularly like their Neutral Range Teething Rings or why not go Christmassy with a Reindeer Teething Ring!) and a beautiful pack of bibs from Baba Bibs (these bibs are a must for any dribbly baby as they stay dry at the back meaning baby’s clothes are protected for longer - and they look ace). Teethers from £3.95 + postage Pack of 4 bibs currently £14.30 + postage in the sale


Baby over 1

For a lovely box of treats for Christmas for a baby over 1, why not combine some musical instruments from Daisies and Dinosaurs with a beautiful picture book such as those available at Small Print Books or Lemon Drop Books which sell their award-winning picture book ‘Otis Lemon and the Spectacular Submarine’. Kids Concept Musical Instrument Set in mint £22 + postage . Selection of books available at Small Print Books or Lemon Drop Books sell their books from £6.99 + postage



A Gerrard & Grace Practical Papa Box is the perfect Christmas present for any Dad-to-be. Often an expectant dad's biggest worry is about how to care for the baby once they arrive and this box prepares him for all the main areas where he can get hands-on. Mums-to-be or new mums take note, your other half will find this gift very thoughtful as well as useful.  £27 with free postage and Christmas gift wrapping( for an extra 10% off sign up to the newsletter)

Men Folk

For beer lovers out there, why not try something different for Christmas by giving a Hiver Beer Gift Box. Hiver Beer is a London-based brewing company that uses urban honey in their brewing process and the results are delicious! Gift box selection of 3 beers £10 + postage

Or how about a selection of sauces from Sauce Shop - a craft sauce producer based in Nottingham who are on a mission to bring better sauces to the nation. They offer a Great Taste Award Winners Selection which is a great gift for any foodie . Great Taste Award Winners Selection £20 + postage


A Gerrard & Grace Breastfeeding Mama Box is the perfect Christmas present for any expectant mother intending to breastfeed. It’s packed with breastfeeding goodies and a lovely letter detailing how to get the most out of each of the products. £36 with free postage and Christmas gift wrapping (for an extra 10% off sign up to the newsletter)



Being pregnant over Christmas can be somewhat miserable as many of the traditional Christmas food and drinks are off the menu. Add some festive cheer to her day by creating a thoughtful gift box with Helen McGinn's (aka Knackered Mother) Teetotal Tipples alongside ingredients to make one of the delicious drinks inside. For example, you could include some Rocks Elderflower Cordial, some tonic from your local shop and a lemon from the greengrocer ready for her to make an Elderflower Fizz (page 11). Helen McGinn's Teetotal Tipples currently £6.92 + postage Rocks Elderflower Cordial £3.49 + postage



Or why not create a beautiful pampering gift box this Christmas by combining Eléngé lip balm (as lips can get extremely dry in pregnancy), some Soothe-Me Bump and Boobs Oil to keep her growing tummy well moisturised and some delicious pregnancy tea from Hottea Mama? Eléngé lip balm £3.95 with free delivery available at The Mother Maker Bump and Boobs Oil £16 + postage and a selection of pregnancy teas available from £6 + postage at HotTea Mama who also do a pregnancy tea gift box which is well worth a look too!


Good Friend/ Modern Couple

Why not create a super indulgent Christmas gift box for a couple to prompt them to take some time out and relax by combining a box of Space Masks (self-heating eye masks infused with jasmine, a must for tired eyes!) with a gorgeous smelling candle from Seven-Seventeen (who also have Christmas candles available) and some artisan coffee from The Hackney Coffee Company? Space Masks £15 a box + postage Candles from £14 Coffee £5.95 from


Older friend/relative


We often find it hard to buy for older relatives as they seem to have everything already!  Why not combine some wonderful Muscle Rub from Mrs R'ganics with a delicious tea blend from Born Wild Tea who have a huge selection of teas to choose from. We think it makes for a very thoughtful and pampering Christmas present for both male and female friends/relatives. Muscle Rub £17.50 + postage and a selection of teas available from £3.95 + postage including Christmas blends


Child over 3

A fantastic gift for older children, Cotton Twist kids offer a range of gift boxes full of craft materials to keep little ones busy. Each craft kit has a theme, our favourites being The Adventurer's Craft Kit Activity Box and The Superhero Craft Kit Activity Box, although there is a range to choose from. Craft Kit Boxes from £12.95 + postage or available at with free delivery.



Happy Christmas Shopping!

All prices correct and products available at time of writing (11/12/17 ).

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