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Be Practical Baby

Abigail Gerrard

Practical. Not the sexiest of words we know but where parenthood is concerned we feel it is pretty important. Theories or speculations have no use in front-line parenting, in fact in our experience they can often be detrimental. What is needed is the practical, the real, the sensible, the honest, the effective. Ideas, methods, products all need to be suitable for purpose and not cause unnecessary self-doubt, stress or be a complete waste of money. The most important side of being practical however, is ultimately making decisions that are right and sensible for you and your family and not trying to please everyone else or live up to an ideal. Parenting your own way so to speak. 

That's why we have created our business and this blog. Here you will find our musings on parenthood, life and our business in what we hope is an honest and practical way. 

Be practical baby!

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