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Purveyors of Handy Things for Babies and Beyond

The early days of parenthood, while full of so much love and joy also come with a good many new challenges and surprises. 

At Gerrard & Grace we wanted to offer a helping hand by creating a range of super useful yet beautiful gift boxes for those expecting or who have just had a new baby. Packed full of handy items, each box also comes with practical suggestions on how to use everything inside. Parents and parents-to-be will love them for their practical nature and beautiful products which will continue to be useful well into toddlerhood. They are a really thoughtful gift. 

Furthermore, we also offer a range of  handy products that can be bought individually for yourself or to be gift wrapped for a friend.

Head over to our products page or click on the links below to find out more about the items that we stock and our boxes and what makes them so useful!

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