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Thoughtful and Practical Parent-to-Be and New Baby Gift Boxes

It's easy to buy a gift for a parent-to-be or new baby, right? There is so much choice out there. However, we all surely want to buy something that is actually going to be useful. Something that a little one won't grow out of in two weeks or won't be fated to spend its days discarded at the bottom of the toy basket. We also want to buy something that is thoughtful and beautiful and that the recipient will love. 

At Gerrard & Grace we have created a range of super practical yet beautiful gift boxes for anyone who is expecting or has just had a new baby. Our boxes are not only a thoughtful gift but they will offer parents a helping hand in those early newborn days and beyond. Packed full of essential items, each box also comes with practical suggestions on how to use everything inside, passing on useful parenting knowledge and tips. Parents and parents-to-be will love them for their practical nature and beautiful products which, along with the knowledge each item brings, will continue to be useful well into toddlerhood. 

Head over to our products page or click on the links below to find out more about the items in our boxes and what makes them so useful!

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